stevenwardjames statement: for a week in july, 2004 i visited my childhood home in rural western pennsylvania. the room that had always been mine had been just as i had left it. the closet was filled with junk and the dresser was full of clothes i haven't seen or worn in years. i emptied the room of all it's contents. any trace of the seventeen years i lived there had been erased. then, as i had in the past as a young boy, i built a fort from sheets, blankets, and pillows. during my stay, the fort became my studio. during the day i would do all my normal daily activities. at night, i would
retreat to my hideout and work, at times until seven in
the morning. the two songs on the ghost treasures compilation are the first two tracks created in that lonely fort outside of pittsburgh. the album, entitled forts, is a narrative of my week-long stay, as well as an ode to my childhood.

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